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Militantly Mixed is a podcast about race and identity from the Mixed-Race perspective. Every week, host Sharmane aka MixedGirlMane, speaks with Mixed Folk from around the globe about what it is like maneuvering the world as a Mixed-Race person.

Nov 5, 2019

Last week, I performed stand-up comedy for the first time at the Moral Support show which is curated by Marie Watschke aka the Depressed Aunty. In honor of that, I wanted to re-share with y'all episode 6 of Militantly Mixed featuring Marie. Listen in while we about the colonization of our blood because of our military families, being Mixed-Race in comedy spaces, The Ruby Theater, and the dreaded topic of depression and anxiety.

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Hosted by: Sharmane Fury
Guest: Marie Watschke - Twitter @depressedaunty
Music by: David Bogan, the One -

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