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Militantly Mixed is a podcast about race and identity from the Mixed-Race perspective. Every week, host Sharmane aka MixedGirlMane, speaks with Mixed Folk from around the globe about what it is like maneuvering the world as a Mixed-Race person.

Feb 28, 2021

This week I am solo. I had a rough time editing the episode planned for this week, it was corrupted so I scrapped everything to update y'all on what has been going on in MixedGirlMane world and what the next few months will be like for the show. 

We will be switching to bi-weekly for the time being until after I get...

Feb 16, 2021

This week I am joined by "Accidentally" #MixedTikTok content creator Kendee aka @YungKendee. She actually shares my same ethnic mix, with two biracial parents (one Black and White & one Japanese and White). We chat about how she accidentally became Tik Tok famous by just posting one video in response to the myriad...

Feb 9, 2021

This week I am joined by Co-Creators of LUNAR: The Jewish-Asian Film Project, Gen Slosberg & Jenni Rudolph. We discuss the project as well as their individual Mixed identities and how that brought them together to work on this project. Please be sure to follow their social media accounts and check out their...

Feb 2, 2021

This week I am joined by Jason Alba from the Squeezin' Lemons podcast. Now that I have interviewed both co-hosts Ginger and Jason separately my Squeezin' Lemons collection is complete. I had a lot of fun with this conversation, we even got a couple of "special guest" voicemails throughout the episode. Check it out.