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Militantly Mixed is a podcast about race and identity from the Mixed-Race perspective. Every week, host Sharmane aka MixedGirlMane, speaks with Mixed Folk from around the globe about what it is like maneuvering the world as a Mixed-Race person.

Nov 24, 2020

Not a full episode this week as I am STILL on hiatus but I wanted to drop a couple of reminders and announcements. I'll be back on Thursday, Dec 3rd to celebrate my birthday with you!
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Nov 3, 2020

This week, I am joined by Gina Marie, host of the Mixed in the Six podcast & co-curator of the Mixed in the Six events in Toronto. Listen in as we talk about what it means to us to create spaces for Mixed folx to be...their Mixed ass selves. 
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IG: MixedintheSix & @GinaDaringGreatly
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