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Militantly Mixed is a podcast about race and identity from the Mixed-Race perspective. Every week, host Sharmane aka MixedGirlMane, speaks with Mixed Folk from around the globe about what it is like maneuvering the world as a Mixed-Race person.

Nov 26, 2019

Natalie from Some Kind of Brown Podcast returns to talk about her special series of episodes for Red November to raise awareness and honor the missing and murdered Indigenous Women. This is a huge problem with staggering statistics and very little attention being paid. Please refer to the links before for access to...

Nov 19, 2019

Militantly Mixed is back on the Road at Geek Girl Con in Seattle, WA. Listen in while MixedGirlMane catches up with former guest Gretchen Erickson about what Mixed life has been like since she came on Militantly Mixed last year. We spent the day together at GeekGirl Con and had a blast being geeky Mixed girls!

* *...

Nov 12, 2019

Listen in while MixedGirlMane chats with sisters Tiana & Sam about being Mixed and siblings. This was a dream to finally get to chat with siblings at the same time about how they identify and what growing up Mixed together and apart was like. 

* * *
Produced and Edited by: Sharmane Fury 
Music by: David Bogan, the One -...

Nov 5, 2019

Last week, I performed stand-up comedy for the first time at the Moral Support show which is curated by Marie Watschke aka the Depressed Aunty. In honor of that, I wanted to re-share with y'all episode 6 of Militantly Mixed featuring Marie. Listen in while we about the colonization of our blood because of our...

Nov 2, 2019

I tried stand-up comedy for the first time and this my reaction the next morning to the experience. I had a lot of support and encouragement from listeners so I wanted to let y'all know how it went. 

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Produced and Edited by: Sharmane Fury 
Music by: David Bogan, the One -

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